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Moms Talk: How To Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

On MonGetting Baby to Sleep Through the Nightday, we posed a question to the Babies Online Community:

“How do you get baby to sleep through the night?”

Many of the perceived “problems” with infants who don’t sleep through the night are not actually problems, but misconceptions about a newborn’s sleep patterns. As Facebook Fan Kimberly Columbo Mitchell astutely points out, “Babies are not supposed to sleep through the night.”

How long should your baby sleep?

The clinical definition of “sleeping through the night” for an infant isn’t exactly what most parents would consider a full night’s sleep. If a baby sleeps five hours straight without waking for a snack or cuddle, doctors consider that “sleeping through the night.”

Even so, it’s perfectly natural for parents to want their babies to sleep well. Babies do most of their growing while they sleep, and important brain connections form based on what your baby has learned and absorbed during waking hours.

The Babies Online community sounds off on How To Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night:

Swears by Swaddling for Sleep

Kristina TerMolen (Facebook)I think swaddling is the key. I swaddled my daughter for the first 3 months and she slept really well. Even when she came home from the hospital she would only have to eat once during the night. I didn’t swaddle my first daughter and she kept me up at all hours of the night!

Alicia Bouma (Facebook) – I didn’t have a clue with my first son. So with my second son I did research for best ways to get him to sleep. I swaddle my second son, take 10-20 minutes in his room around 6:30 pm, where it’s quiet and dark. I massage him gently with long strokes, breastfeeding him some, and also play waterfall white noise. Works great. He usually sleeps from 7 or 7:30 to about 4 AM. Once in a while he wakes up for a quick feed in the middle of the night, but goes right back to sleep.

It’s All About The Bedtime Routine

Jade Bailey-Pagett (Facebook) – I get my Ella to sleep at night by bathing her, playing with her so it wears her out, then she has her last bottle at 10. I put her in her Moses basket with her snuggles and she goes straight to sleep… Ella’s 3 months old and only started sleeping through about 2 weeks ago till 7, but still wakes up about 4 some nights.

Mari Opperman-Benade (Facebook) – My daughter, 3 months, sleeps through the night, after eating Purity Rice Cereal at 7:00 at night. Then we bath her at 7:30 and at 8:00 I breastfeed her. She sleeps then until 6/7 the following morning.

Erin Marie Mazzarella (Facebook) – Okay, maybe my way is a bit unconventional. Around 7:30 PM I give them a bottle thick with rice after a Lavendar / Chamomile bath with a lavender lotion massage. Also the Little Noses chest rub with eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile on their chest and back. My little ones sleep till 8 or 9am.

More Thoughts on Sleep

Bonnie Roberts (Facebook) – I think it depends on the child. My oldest slept through the night by 3 months. My youngest, 13 months old, started to sleep through the night around 10 months. He was taken off the bottle around that time also so I think he was just waking up for the bottle.

@ForTheBabes (Twitter) I use the Babywise method. It really works! I swear by it & never have nap/bedtime problems! #BestTip

@sybir (Twitter) Great post on getting the little ones to sleep naturally! #BestTip

@bluedogzdesign (Twitter) We don’t have a nursery, as we live in a loft (whole other set of challenges) but we use a noisy fan that actually does help.

Cindy Franciosa (Facebook) I gave up… my 13-month-old sleeps peacefully right next to me in bed.

Do you have any tips that you’d like to share?  Post them in the comments below!

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