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Milestones, Memories and “Mom-guilt”

Throughout my life I’ve gone through phases where I write poetry. Unlike other writing, which is a job, I find it relaxing, more like a game. My daughter just turned four months old, and I realized I still hadn’t written a poem for her.

I’m happy that the Babies Online site  owner has permitted me to share some of my poems, here, and I hope that other moms will relate to the themes. Maybe some Babies Online readers or fellow bloggers would like to share their own creative writing, too?

Milestones, Memories and “Mom-guilt”

I want to capture every memory
In poetry, pictures and prose
My every thought, your every step
Recorded for you to know.

The way your whole face smiles
When Daddy looks at you
And how you want to cuddle–
With us the whole night through.

But diapers and feedings and peek-a-boo
Leave little time for introspection
And as I hold you close I pray
I’m leading you in the right direction.

I wonder years from now
If you’ll look back and see
So many blank pages in your baby book
And wish I’d done it differently

When souvenirs of your youth are scarce
You’ll want to know the truth.
I should have taken time to write it down–
But I was too busy loving you.

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