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Let’s Roll!

letsroll.jpgThe first movement milestone your baby will reach is likely to be rolling over. Most babies roll over from their front to their back first, but some do it the other way around.

There is an enormous variation in when babies start rolling over. Some can do it before 2 months, some don’t roll until 6 months or later. It’s all completely normal. My son rolled over once at 8 weeks, then he didn’t bother to do it again until 5 months.

But the first time baby will roll is usually when they are on their changing table, or near the edge of the couch. Are they trying to give us heart attacks? I think so. So as the baby books say, keep a hand on them while they are on something because they will do their best to fall off.

Babies will learn to roll over all by themselves, but you can encourage your baby to start rolling by giving them lots of tummy time, and, if they enjoy it, gently rolling them over so they can experience what it feels like.

Once they can roll, there’s no stopping them! Some babies love rolling so much they roll to move about instead of crawling, which is hysterical to watch.

What’s next? Rolling over is the first step towards moving – once your baby can flip over onto her tummy, she’ll start doing press-ups, and next is crawling. She’ll be so happy about all she’s learning to do – it’s an exciting time for both of you!

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