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Keeping the Sex of Your Baby From Your Husband

Keeping the Sex of Your Baby From Your HusbandThis week expectant mom Heidi Klum told E! that she won’t be telling hubbie Seal if they are having a boy or a girl. The baby, due this fall, will the couple’s third, and Heidi’s fourth.

Heidi says that Seal doesn’t want to know, and so she’s being careful not to tell anyone just in case the news gets back to him. They have two boys together, and Seal is the adoptive father to Heidi’s daughter from her first marriage.

Heidi says that she’s hoping for a girl, and while the couple haven’t revealed when they are due, gossip columnists are estimating she’s at about four months and, oooh, excitement, she’ll soon be able to find out by ultrasound.

From a non-scientific poll of couples I know, Seal isn’t that unusual. A lot of dads were happy to be surprised, and most moms wanted to know. Perhaps moms want to plan the nursery colors and start buying pink or blue onesies, and dads figure that it’s not all that important until they are called on to instruct catching fly balls or inspect potential prom dates?  Stereotyping is alive and well over here.

Around mid-pregnancy, lots of men can’t wait to find out the gender of the baby. But at only half-way through, others see the birth of the baby as an event far out into the future and are at ease with not knowing right now. But wait until seven months and dad will probably start speculating on whether he’ll be watching football with his offspring or being begged for money to go to the mall with. Oops, stereotyping again.

I wanted to know what I was having, my husband didn’t want to know. I agreed I wouldn’t tell him. He went out of the room during the critical point of the ultrasound and the technician stage-whispered “I saw a PENIS” then we let him back in. Then I slipped in the parking lot by referring to the baby as “him” and the cat was out of the bag. Whoops.

It’s a hard secret to keep, so if your husband really doesn’t want to know, you might want to consider not finding out yourself, or you’d better be good at keeping things to yourself.

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