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Jogging For Moms

Jogging For MomsDo you remember when jogging strollers first became popular and how people laughed at them? Whoever is going to take their baby running, ha ha ha ha!

Baby jogging stroller manufacturers have had the last laugh with that one. Spring has sprung and there are so many moms and dads running with babe in a jogging stroller that the sidewalks aren’t wide enough.

More and more moms are running today. Losing baby weight, doing something for yourself, getting fitter, whatever your motivation, running or jogging is great cardio exercise. Working out together with eating sensibly, is the only true way to shift the baby weight.

My son will just about sit through a 5K run – about 30 minutes – if he’s well supplied with food and toys,  and promised a reward like the playground at the end. And then he’ll start yelling and trying to get out. Fortunately I’m not training for a marathon. But I know another mom who ran a marathon last fall and is running another next month, and did a lot of her training with her daughter in a stroller, so it can be done.

I started running last summer, usually once or twice a week, and I’m really pleased with the results. I feel fitter, I’ve lost a couple of pounds, and my legs are a little more shapely than they used to be. I have a half-serious idea of training for a 10-mile race this fall but I’m really more of a 5K gal. Mostly because my attention span is similar to my toddler and I get bored running more than a half hour. (But I have much, much admiration to my marathon-running friend and anyone else with the stamina and guts to run that kind of distance.)

Many babies will sleep in the stroller if you time your run around nap time. Toddlers can be happy to have mid-afternoon quiet time riding in the stroller. Sometimes, plugging into your ipod and running while your baby zones out or sleeps in the stroller is great me-time.

How should moms start jogging? New moms, wait six weeks (at least) and get the approval of your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you have never run before, or it’s been a good long while, start with brisk walking on your the first few outings.

Then alternate in short stretches of gentle jogging with brisk walking. As you do more runs, gradually increase the length of time you jog compared to when you walk. Soon you’ll be jogging all the way. And if you like, increase your speed to running.

It’s important to take things easy, and increase the intensity of the workout gradually. Listen to your body and if it tells you that you are overdoing things, slow down or stop until you recover.

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