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Is My Baby Eating Too Much?

I’m writing a lot these days, because at the pace my daughter is growing, and learning, she just gives me so much food for thought. And speaking of food, I truly am wondering whether my baby is eating too much.

She is 10 mos. old. Here’s our feeding schedule:

Breakfast is usually oatmeal cereal with bananas or pureed apples mixed in. She usually eats half a cup of this.

Lunch: Is another serving of fruit or veggies, usually a quarter cup. She also usually has steamed rice with homemade soup, about a quarter cup. She will also usually have shredded chicken from what we’ve cooked for the family.

Dinner: She eats everything…kidding, that’s what her uncle chimed in while watching me type this. It’s the impression everyone has. But seriously, she’ll have steamed rice with homemade soup again (1/4cup), a few spoons of cottage cheese, and about 1/2 oz. of shredded chicken.

I feed her until she’s no longer interested in eating, but as soon as she sees something new on the table, she will screech and demand to have some. Bread, cheese, spicy entrees that we don’t let her have, more rice, rice rice and rice.

I’m a little worried that she doesn’t seem to have a stop-signal from her body that it’s time to stop eating. I also nurse throughout the day before I feed her a meal so you would think once I get the first signal from her that she’s full (less enthusiastic opening of the mouth and sometimes outright spitting of the food), she won’t want anymore.

She’s always been in the 95th percentile in weight and around average for height. I guess I’m worried that this is a precursor to a lifelong habit of non-stop eating, which I know is ridiculous at this age. Okay, okay, you’re probably saying why don’t I consult her pedia on her height and weight. I will and I’ll let you all know what she says. However, I always find other parents’ input invaluable.

What has been your experience in feeding your baby?

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