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I Want To Cloth Diaper But…

I Want To Cloth Diaper But...Which is what many moms say when they are faced with the choice of what diapers to pick. Cloth diapers are cheaper and the environmentally friendly option, but disposable diapers are so much easier and more convenient.

If you want to try cloth, or are thinking about switching to cloth, here’s some possible solutions to the “I want to cloth diaper but…” fill in the blank thoughts you might have.

…I hate laundry. Buy as many diapers as you can afford to increase the amount of time between washes. It will also save on laundry costs if you don’t have to wash as often. I started with 18 diapers and was washing every two three days which was not very fun. Now I have over 30 diapers and do a load of diaper laundry every five or six days. Remember used cloth diapers have a decent resale value – often around 50% of the new price – so you are not wasting money.

…the used diapers will stink. Yes, used cloth diapers do indeed stink. When we had a home with an attached garage, the diaper pail went in the garage. Right now I live in an apartment and I have a pail with a tightly fitting lid that goes in the bathroom. A carton of bicarbonate of soda in or near the diaper pail will absorb some of the odor. Don’t get it on the diapers though. We are about to move to another apartment but one that has a basement and yippee! the diapers are going to live in the basement. Phew.

…I don’t want to wash poop in my washing machine. Yes, cloth diapers do indeed have the ick factor. Tip out as much poop into the toilet and flush it away before putting the diaper in the pail. Another way to cut down on the ew is to buy a diaper sprayers. These attach to a toilet and are used to spray all the poop away into the toilet. Many cloth diapering moms rave about them. I didn’t want to spend the money on one but kinda wish I did. And it’s not enjoyable, but moms have to deal with poop. When your baby poops on her clothes – and she will poop on her clothes – what are you gonna do with those? You put them in the machine. Run an empty load after the diaper wash if you are grossed out by the poop.

…my mom says it’s a bad idea. Our moms often don’t understand why our generation want to cloth diaper when we have the choice to use disposables. They often had no choice and many moms remember all the laundry they had to do and boiling diapers in the kitchen and can’t believe anyone would choose cloth over disposables. Modern cloth diapers are totally different to the ones your mom would have used and are much less work.

…My husband says it’s a bad idea. Husbands can be anti cloth diaper, usually because of the dealing with poop factor. Well, cloth does have disadvantages. But the advantages of cloth diapers are many – the biggest ones are price, and the environment. Cost is usually a good one for convincing husbands. They are better for the environment, using less resources and creating much less trash.

And there are also other advantages cloth has over disposable. Babies with sensitive skin may have happier bottoms in cloth. And babies who wear cloth are usually potty trained earlier, as they feel wetter in cloth diapers so understand the link between peeing and being wet sooner than disposable diaper babies. And cloth diapers are much cuter than disposable ones. How about a multi-colored diaper, or a flower print, butterflies, or puppies? Choose your arguments, present them in your most charming manner, and you’ve got a great chance of convincing him.

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