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How to put twin babies to sleep

How to put twin babies to sleepI have very little experience in putting one baby to sleep. I can’t tell you how to put three or more babies to sleep at the same time. But as a mom of twins, I sure do know how to put twin babies to sleep. At least my babies. Because every baby is different.

Here are some of my strategies.


    . A regular

sleeping schedule 

    for one baby is important. Much more with two. It is important that they would be more or less on the same schedule. It’s better for the babies but also for Mommy. We always had our bedtime routine of washing, storytelling (yes, I read to them even as babies mainly our favourites Guess how much I love and Mr. Brown can moo) and lullaby singing. I also tried to have naptimes on schedule. As fellow blogger brit has written, a schedule disruption can lead to an

overtired and rather crabby baby

    . Times two, in my case.

Separate beds. My boys were in the same room but had separate beds right from the start. I found that they were less likely to disturb each other when they woke at night. Also I had an extra bed in another room just in case. Often, when one baby woke up in the middle of the night, I would take him downstairs and put him in his playpen. He’d play and eventually fall asleep there and I’d simply cover him with a blanket and keep him there till morning. When both babies woke up at night – well, that’s another story.

Anything that swings  or rocks – Hammocks and rocking/swinging beds. I would have loved to rock my babies to sleep. But aside from the fact that the ratio of 2 babies to 1 mom makes this logistically almost impossible, there’s also the safety part to consider. Holding two babies in one go increases the chances of dropping one -or even both. Especially when you are sleep-deprived. Now, I know moms of twins who swear to baby hammocks or rocking beds. We didn’t have any of those and we didn’t want to buy them either so we improvised. I used my babies’ car seats as sleeping baskets – at least for naps. I swung them, one in each hand till my arm muscles ached. I made sure they were securely buckled up, though. Or I took one baby in my arms, while I rocked the other one in his car seat with my foot.

Pram/buggy. In the mornings, the best way to get them to nap was push them on the pram. I did this every morning, rain or shine, warm or cold. After they had fallen asleep, I would head back home and place the pram on our roofed terrace. Yes, my boys napped outdoors. And I got to exercise!

Car. Now, if everything else fails, I’d load the babies and the car seats in the car and go for a drive. Ten minutes max and they would be napping. We also tried to schedule our long drives during nap time to avoid disruption in their sleeping patterns.

Physical activity. As soon as they could walk, I kept them physically active, e.g. a walk around the block (without the buggy!) or a couple of hours at the playground. I found that they sleep/nap after exercise.

I guess I did something right along the way because my boys started sleeping through at 5 months and continued to nap till they were 4 years old, one even till he was almost 5! Or maybe they are just sleepy heads by nature. Whatever I did that worked, I found out by trial and error.  These are definitely not found in the books. As I said before, each baby is different and Mommy has to simply find out what works for her baby!

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