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How Tall Will My Baby Be When He/She Grows Up?

How Tall Will My Baby Be When He/She Grows Up?Have you ever wondered how tall your little one will be when he/she is an adult? Adult height is determined largely by genes, and a little by diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

My son is on the tall end of the growth charts, and my ex mother-in-law kept going on and on and on and on about how he’s going to hit a growth spurt and be six feet tall and wouldn’t that be wonderful?  (Will it? Why?) He’ll be the tallest person in our family by about 4 inches if he does so, I do think it’s unlikely. We seem to have stubby genes, as a clan.

There are various height calculators on the internet, that take into account your baby’s current age, height and weight. One calculator says that my son will be 5 ft 8 1/2 in. as an adult. The second one says that he’ll be 6 ft. 2 in. at age 18.


As with many internet prediction tools, these are to be taken lightly and not as a true predictor of adult height.

Generally, most experts agree that the majority of male children grow up to be a the same height, or a little taller than their fathers. Most female children grow up to be around, or just below, the average of their mother and father’s heights.

So will my son have the potential to be a NBA player or a stubby average-height man when he grows up? I’ll have to wait another 15 years to see which prediction will come true.

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