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How Can My Daughter’s Closet Be Better Than Mine?

Because I’m back in school, we’re living on one income. As a family, we’ve had to cut back on many purchases and expenditures, and on top of that list is clothes. My clothes are so passe I think I hear last two seasons calling, asking for them back.

I like shopping like anyone else, but I can make the sacrifice while we’re working on our plan. My husband was never much of a shopper anyway, so wearing year-old threads isn’t much of a stretch for him. For some reason though, I can’t quite stand my daughter falling behind fashion-wise.

Now before I’m scolded for wasting money, and for being foolish with our expense, please know it’s not me – at least not mostly me – that’s supplying her brand name and new clothes. Grandma happens to be a generous stylist. So is Grand-Aunt and Great-Grandma. Not to mention I still have a ton of clothes from her my baby shower that are now just fitting her. So while she’s decked out in Gymboree, Baby Gap, Baby Old Navy, Baby Ralph Lauren, the newest kicks from Naturino, Stride Rite, I grit my teeth and pull on a fading blue jean, and a soooo last-season top.

For while I can make the sacrifice, I can’t seem to stand it for my daughter too. Isn’t it funny how everything surrounding our child is an instant reflection of our parenting, in the parent’s opinion? In my mind if she’s dressed well, she’s well provided for. It means we haven’t failed her. Now I know that the most important thing is that we love and cherish and nurture her. Yet, for her to be impeccably dressed is a boost to my Mama esteem. And a comfort to me that at least she isn’t going without.

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