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How Can I Exercise With a Baby? Mom and Baby Workouts

This preys on the minds of just about every mom – how am I ever going to loose the baby weight? When there’s no time for a shower most days, how can there be time for exercise? And who are you going to get to look after baby when you go to the gym? And perhaps, how can you afford the gym membership if you have given up work?

OK, first of all, go easy on yourself, and this applies especially to moms who delivered very recently, and breastfeeding moms. Moms shouldn’t do anything strenuous until at least six weeks after delivery, and it’s best to wait for your obstetrician’s OK.

You need to eat and nourish yourself to recover from the delivery, and breastfeeding moms need extra calories to make milk. So eat healthy, and don’t go on any extreme diets.

It’s easiest to do exercise if you have someone who can watch your baby while you go to the gym. But many of us don’t have someone who can do that as often as we’d like. So here’s some ideas for exercise you can do with your baby.

Stroller Strides or Baby Bootcamp, or a local variant: Moms, with babies in strollers, running, doing squats, lunges, kicks, bends, in a big group. Pros: Being in a group makes it easier. Cons: not for the shy and retiring, because people will stare. Good thing there’s a lot of you. Also classes tend to run around $10 each so it can get expensive.

Walking: pushing baby in a stroller is good for you both. Or even better, put baby in a carrier and carry her around the block, or around the park. I took my son hiking in a carrier and he loved it. Pros: free, and anyone can do it. Cons: hard to get motivated, and can be impossible in the winter. Unless you live near a really large mall.

Cycling: Bike trailers are the hippest accessory in the city where I live – this is my bike trailer. My son loves riding in the trailer, and I get some pedaling in. Pros: Multitasking – can get exercise and also go to the supermarket. Cons: You need to buy equipment, and it’s weather dependent.

Exercise at Home: There’s several mom-and-baby videos on sale, and for thrifty moms, there’s many places to get free exercise videos on the internet. Shape Magazine has many videos, and Yoga Today has a free yoga video daily. Press play during naptime. Pros: free, and no need to leave the house. Cons: I’d rather sleep at naptime. And the risk of being distracted by the rest of the internet.

Toddler-cise: Do what your crawler or toddler does. 30 minutes of running up and down the hall, jumping on the bed and crawling under the dining room table, is as good a workout as any.

What exercise do you like to do with your baby? Have you got any more ideas of exercise to do with your baby or toddler? Please share your ideas!

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