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Holiday Travel Made Easy

airplane.jpgBecause I am a masochist, I decided that come what may, my little family would fly from Texas to California to spend Christmas with my parents. We’re a close family, and the thought of four-month old Mina spending her very first Christmas apart from my family (and my very first Christmas apart from them as well) was too much to bear. So we’re off to travel during the busiest travel days of the year.


My battle plan:

  • Nurse her on take-off and landing. (Non-nursing moms can give pacifiers or bottle).
  • Bring two extra outfits on board for accidents and spit-ups.
  • Forgo checking in luggage so we can shorten our time in the crowded airport.
  • Forgo a stroller so we’ll have less items to wield. (Grandma bought her a car seat and stroller to use in California.) If you have to bring one, bring a light-weight one. My husband and I will be tag-teaming carrying the baby in her Baby Bjorn. If you don’t have a generous benefactor like I do, you’ll need to shoulder the cost yourself. Consider a car-seat/stroller combo.
  • Bring the amount of diapers and wipes needed for two days and buying the rest there (I’ve got coupons in hand). For me, the cost is worth having less things to carry/pack.
  • Checking in early to get a good spot to relax in the lounge.

We have another ace up our sleeve though. We have her uncle, my brother, flying with us. He’s another extra pair of doting hands and eyes.

Wish us luck! And if you have any advice, please share!

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