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Gifts for a New Baby Girl

It might be hard to resist purchasing that darling little dress or frilly onesie when a new arrival joins your family or brightens your friends? lives, but do they really need it?

That was the question my husband and I faced when we learned the news that a friend was expecting. Parents of two boys, they found out that their third will be a girl. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun that can be bestowed upon parents of boys who suddenly find themselves with a daughter, we wanted to give them something suitably ?girly.?

The parents of a daughter ourselves, we?ve been inundated with frilly dresses, fancy shoes and even a couple of bonnets for our girl, very few of which we?ve actually dressed her in. What?s more, when we do shop for outfits for her, we find ourselves being very anti-girly, perhaps in defiance of all that pink that fills her drawer and closet space. Instead we lean toward neutrals ? greens and yellows and the occasional purple (although my husband insists that purple is still girly). Subsequently, we find ourselves correcting people in public who assume that she must be a boy.

So when we found ourselves at our local chain baby store amidst the aisles of pink and lace, we came to a conclusion: why not give them some of the stuff that we weren?t using for our own daughter? Why buy something new when we have nearly brand-new items collecting dust at home? The more we thought about it, the more it made sense. Not only did it reduce some of our clutter of unworn or outgrown baby clothes, but it also went with our whole ?green,? ?reduce, re-use, recycle? philosophy that we began before we had our daughter and that has become all the more important to us since. So we packed up the pink (in various sizes, naturally) and shipped it off to the happy new parents, hoping that they would find good use for the items that we ourselves hadn?t been able to use. And just to make sure, we enclosed a note explaining that if they couldn?t use the items, to please pass them along or donate them so that someone else might be able to benefit from them.

A feel-good gift if there?s ever been one.

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