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Getting Baby’s Ears Pierced

gettingearspierced.jpgThis past Saturday we took our 6 month-old daughter to a local accessories store to get her ears pierced, a milestone for anyone with a little girl. We held her still as the multiple-tattooed and multiple-pierced associate ensured that the marks on her lobe were perfectly aligned. We digested her observation that our daughter’s lobes are actually not symmetrical; one is bigger than the other. We held our breaths as the piercing gun went off silently, but in our imagination was as loud as revolver. And then I cuddled her as she cried then found her thumb and sucked happily.

Why did we decide to get her ears pierced now

as opposed to later when she is older? We did it partly so that she’ll just have it over with, and won’t remember the pain. Partly because of tradition. In our family, girls ears are pierced as babies, and it’s no big deal. And partly so that people would stop asking me constantly whether she is a boy or a girl.

There’s of course another school of thought on this subject

which is that piercing is an unnecessary body mutilation and should be the child’s choice. There’s also the rite of passage method where parents build anticipation in the child. They may require the child to save up for the occasion, and allow them to pierce it on a milestone birthday.  I think each way is fine as long as the parents take great care in choosing the place that pierces your child’s delicate ears.

Some things to consider

Make sure the company you select to pierce your baby’s ears uses sterilized products, and sealed, sterilized earrings. Your pediatrician may even do this for you so do ask them. Make sure to pick the tiniest post available; they can get as small as 2 mm in diameter. And most important of all, make sure that the piercings are sterilized at least three times a day, and the studs not removed until six weeks after the piercing. Post earrings must be worn six months after the piercing to ensure it will not close.

As for our daughter, we carried her around proudly in the mall afterwards, showing off her peridot studs. Until, that is, a gentleman approached us and admiringly said: “What a beautiful boy!”


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