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Father Names His Child After Political Candidates

Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton, TN has secretly named his newborn daughter Sarah McCain Palin after the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates without his wife?s knowledge.

Apparently, Ciptak decided to change the name he and his wife had agreed upon for their child which was Ava Grace Ciptak. What was his reason for the change of heart? This was his third child, and he was unable to give financial assistance to the campaign fund for the Presidential hopefuls of his choice. He felt that by ?taking one for the cause? and by naming his child after the candidates, he could ?get the word out? for free.

One of my precious daughters is named Sarah and I admit that I think it is a beautiful name. I do believe though that I would be very angry if my husband had tried something like this when our son was born?for a lot of reasons. Mr. Ciptak disclosed to the media that he acquired a new set of birth certificate forms from the nurse?s station and secretly filled them out without his wife?s knowledge. When leaving the hospital, he gave the set he?d secretly filled out to the nurse instead of the set he and his wife had filled out. I am amazed, but I feel very sorry for poor Mrs. Ciptak.

I feel most sorry for their infant?she will spend her lifetime explaining her name and probably enduring countless taunts from her peers. I know, I probably shouldn?t think about this, but I do. Imagine the stir her name will create if the candidates she was name after are unsuccessful in their bid for the White House!

By the way, Mr. Ciptak also relayed during the interview that although his wife is upset and in shock, she is still speaking to him. He admits that some of their relatives, however, are not at this time.

When asked what he would think if little Sarah McCain Palin becomes a Democrat when she grows up, he says that as an American, she is free to do so and that he wishes the best for his daughter.

What do you think?

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