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Expect the Unexpected

expecttheunexpected.jpgFor weeks I had planned on bringing my 6 month old daughter to a Mom and Baby Yoga class, but everything from sickness to the holidays kept getting in the way. So finally, this week, everything seemed to align and I made a date with my daughter for our first class. But my quest to find my inner Zen didn’t start out as smoothly as I had hoped.

I had the day planned out perfectly. We would get up around 7am and do our morning routine of eating, changing, getting washed up and playing with her toys until we left at 9:30, giving us plenty of time to arrive early and have a relaxing hour together.

I knew the plan was too good to be true.

So in reality, she woke up at 5am, we spent three hours awake before we both crashed back to sleep at 8am. We wake up at 9am and spend the next 30 minutes doing what would normally take us an hour. I race around to get her ready to go and after two outfit changes, we bolt out of the door at 9:40am. We arrive late and end up in the back of the room. I am feeling disheveled and sweaty before we even get into our first position. What was to be an enjoyable bonding experience was anything but. I can’t hold my positions, my hair is falling out of my clip into my eyes, I can’t follow half of the instructors directions and I don’t know the words to any of the chants or songs we sing to the babies, it’s a disaster.

As I am about to give up all hope, I happen to look down and see my daughter on the mat having the time of her life. She is laughing, pulling off her socks and then, she rolls over. For the first time! Tears well up in my eyes as my little girl grows up right before me. She is smiling and my heart is swelling. And it brought me back down to earth. It reminded me that every moment with her is a blessing. While my intentions are good, plans will not always fall into place and I need to learn how to roll with that or I will miss out on some pretty spectacular memories. Life with a baby is unpredictable, but that’s the pure joy of it. My daughter never ceases to amaze me and for that I am grateful. I will still continue to plan out events with the hopes of creating something special, but I will remember keep my eyes open for the little surprises that make being a mom so extraordinary.

After all, for a day with such a bumpy start, I could not have planned a better ending.

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