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Easy Solutions for Moms with Early Teethers

easymomsteethers.jpgThe “teething stage”, or scientifically termed “deciduous eruption stage”, of development somewhere between six and nine months after birth. The first teeth typically to come in are in the bottom front, followed by the top front, and finally the back molars. Teething can typically be a very painful and troublesome time for infants as they are too young to understand why they are in pain. They are still developing essential motor skills to help them aid and soothe their pain, generally referred to as “chewing.”

The other solution that I have found quite effective is to attach a pacifier with a ring on it. (Like the old fashion ones with the ring on the back instead of the stud) to a flexible cloth covered stuffed animal or similar thing. A bunch of pipe cleaners covered in a quick stitch piece of fabric to prevent your infant from poking themselves with a wire is a good idea, or any kind of soft posable item that you can loop through the ring to make it easily accessible to your baby. We used one of the dollar flowers in the dollar shop (plush) at Target and folded the end over the ring. This makes it easy for her small hands to grab the stem of the flower and maneuver the ring or pacifier to her mouth instead of struggling to find it when she drops it as she can not turn over or sit up on her own. This is a great tool for her at night when she is having pain and she can use it when she wants it and regulate her own pain with the modified pacifier. Any further questions about this or for pictures of what I did please feel free to email me with questions at

One of the best things I have found to help with the pain of teething is a homeopathic symptomatic teething tablet put out by Hylands. These tablets are usually found next to the usual Orajel (which she hates) and general pain killers like Tylenol. These tablets are 100% natural and have no side effects. They are small soft tablets that you place under your child’s tongue and dissolve almost instantly. Because they are all natural they can be administered 2-3 times an hour and are long lasting and almost instantly kill pain, relax her from frustration and when given with a warm bath, help her sleep all through the night without pain. I highly recommend this product to any mother with small infants suffering from teething problems.

While most babies that begin this process are around six months to nine months old, these children usually have less problem holding teething rings and less struggle with basic motor skills. My daughter started her teething process at the age of three months, which led us to try a variety of different methods to help aid her with the pain and the frustration of her developing motor skills. While my daughter can firmly grasp things, and most of the time can get the items to her mouth, she has difficulty turning items such as round teething rings in order to fit them in her mouth and this inability usually results in crying and frustration.

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