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Dressing Baby for Cold Weather

dressingbabycold.jpgWhen the weather turns cold and blustery, remember to dress your baby in the appropriate attire to keep him from becoming chilled.

  • Top it off. The majority of a person’s body heat escapes from his head, so be sure to cover up your little one’s noggin when the temperature is cold. Be sure to select a hat that fits snuggly against the head and is free of long ties that could become potentially dangerous.
  • Layer it on. Dress your baby in multiple layers so that he stays warm when outside and just right when indoors. Start with a layer of thermal underwear underneath a warm fleece top and bottom set. When take baby outdoors, remember the snowsuit and coat.
  • Cover his hands. Because the body works to raise core temperature when chilled, little fingers are the first to get cold. Protect your baby’s hands with mittens. Purchase several pair for when one is lost or wet.
  • Don’t forget his toes. Even though your baby is not walking, keep his feet and toes warm by covering them with thermal socks and insulated booties.

Be sure to check your baby for signs of under- or overheating. If his skin feels cool, move him to a warm spot. If his head becomes sweaty, cool him down by removing a layer of clothes.

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