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Do I Really Need To Buy a Baby Food Maker?

Your little one is finally ready to try solid foods and you have made the decision to make you own baby food at home. While this is certainly a wise choice it can also lead to some questions about how to do it in the most cost effective and efficient way.

A common question among new parents is whether or not it is necessary to buy an appliance specifically designed to make baby food. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one. There are of course, advantages and disadvantages to using a baby food maker and it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a buying decision.

Baby Food Maker vs. Food Processor or Blender

If you are planning to puree fruits and vegetables for your baby’s first solids, then there are a few acceptable alternatives to purchasing a baby food maker. If for instance you already own a blender or food processor, these appliances will yield the same result.

The disadvantages when using a food processor or blender is that they are not an all-in-one machine like a baby food maker. You will first have to prepare your fruits and veggies in a steamer before you can add them to the food processor for pureeing.

Most baby food makers are designed with a busy new Mom in mind. The ultimate convenience of a baby food maker is the ability to steam, puree and re-heat your baby’s food all in the same bowl – and in less than half an hour! Simply peel and cut your fruits or veggies, place them into the bowl, add water and your ready to make baby food.


Some models of baby food makers can be quite expensive. However, if you measure it against the cost of buying hundreds of jars of baby food from the local supermarket, you will find that the unit will pay for itself in a very short period of time. You can even use the machine later on for re-heating small meals or making homemade pet food as well.

The main benefit of purchasing a larger appliance like a food processor rather than a baby food maker is that once your little one has grown, you can use your processor for other day-to-day tasks like shredding cheese, slicing cabbage or mixing up a delicious batch of cookie dough. Popular models like the Cuisinart Food Processor have been a Moms’ best friend for years.

No matter which appliance you decide to use to make your own baby food, you can be sure that by doing so you are giving your baby a healthy start to life. The best way to know exactly what your baby is eating every day is to make it yourself.

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