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mobile.jpgFor today’s baby, there are so many options when buying furniture, toys, and accessories. There literally is something for everyone you can’t do wrong. A main issue many parents find themselves in today is staying within a budget. Budgeting for baby’s room can be difficult, especially for first-time parents. You want everything that is the best for baby, so your bright eyes are much bigger than your limited wallet allows.

Research. Research all of the products out their so that you can make a solid decision. From cribs, bedding, changing tables, dressers, and accessories – there is so much to think about. Take your time, go to local shops, look on-line, review catalogs, all of these options are good choices for learning about your options. While you are learning about your likes and dislikes, you can also gather a sense of pricing which will help you to set a budget or goal of what you can spend.

One crib option for parents is a convertible bed. This might be the right investment for you now because as baby grows the crib will grow too. From baby, to toddler, to adolescent, to teen; you won’t have to keep changing out beds as your child grows and will help to cut down on costs later. Just a possible option.

Think wisely when planning the items you want to purchase. You will hear many different things, from many people. “You have to have this” or “I never used that.” Everyone will give you their opinion and expect you to use their advice. My thoughts, I never used a changing table and I loved my baby swing. Just use your best judgment and be wise with what you purchase.

Location. Much of what you put into your baby’s room will depend on the room itself. If you want a crib, changing table, dresser, rocker, table, lamps, and more, it might not seem like a lot, but it could very well be too much for baby’s room. As you research, go back to baby’s room and look how you might set up the crib, or a corner for the rocker, will it fit with room to maneuver or will you be too cramped to even enjoy?

If you are tight on space, an idea would be to use the closet smartly. Have shelving or organizers placed within the closet and don’t use a dresser. I never used a changing table, but if you choose to use one, you might go with a portable changer. These mobile units can go anywhere within your home and can be stored easily out of the way. No space to take up. Place in your baby’s closet to keep out of the way.

Easy Change Changing Table/Rail Raider

Decorating. Decorating in a theme is very important to many parents. Having your curtains, bedding and walls all match might be a great idea, but baby needs to have some change for stimulation. Using paints in baby’s room will allow you to create various different ideas plus is less on a budget then purchasing wallpaper or edging.

You can paint on the ceiling where baby can see. Paint a blue sky with some white clouds. You don’t have to be Picasso, baby won’t know the difference. He will love it no matter what. If you don’t want just a sky, paint a whole view. Throw in a tree, some grass, a few birds, he will see shapes and colors, and best, he will be taking it all in.

With my first, I added some balloons on the wall, bubbles floating to the ceiling, other shapes and colors all for him to just look at and take in. When I was pregnant with my second, my son and I dipped our hands in pain and did hand prints all over an area of wall in different colors; a few butterflies flying to the ceiling.

The Sherwin-Williams Company

When it comes to your baby’s room a budget doesn’t restrict your imagination. Be creative with the items you purchase, whether they are new or maybe something eccentric from a flea market. Open up and just go with your instinct. Baby will love what you do with his or her new place.

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