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Co-sleeping: Pros and Cons

Co-sleeping. Some parents of babies (and in a few cases, toddlers) swear by it, and others swear to never do it. Whichever side of the fence you sit, it can become a heated topic. Here are some thoughts for and against co-sleeping:

  • babies tend to sleep more soundly when cuddled with a parent
  • breastfeeding is much more convenient
  • additional opportunities for family bonding


  • some believe co-sleeping results in children who cannot self-soothe
  • parents lose privacy and intimacy
  • parents sleep lees soundly because of the fear of rolling over on their child
  • some children are active sleepers, making it difficult for the parents to get a good night’s sleep
  • 75% of all SIDS related deaths are caused by babies sleeping face down on a soft surface (which many adult beds are, especially with the recent trend towards “pillow top” mattresses)

Personally, with our daughter, we started out with her sleeping in a cradle. Eventually she and my wife co-slept while I took refuge in the guest room, mainly due to my wife’s condition post-c-section. Once my wife was able to get herself out of bed and retrieve the baby herself, we transitioned her to her own crib. Now, it is something that happens at 5am when she wakes up and our choices are co-sleep or get up for the day.

Source: ‘Family bed’ has pluses, minuses via

What are your thoughts on co-sleeping? Did you co-sleep with your children? Did breastfeeding play a part in your decision?

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