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Busy With Two!

Multi-Tasking Mommy is back on the scene!

I’ve been busy this past month making the adjustment of being a Mommy to a 3 1/2 year old girl to including a newborn boy to the mix. My priorities have definitely shifted and I’m having to manage my time even more than I was before.

My son was born at 8:58am on October 1st via c-section. This was a repeat c-section and I look forward to sharing my story with you in a future post.

This past month, I’ve been busy recovering, breastfeeding, trying to sleep and entertaining a preschooler all the while trying maintain my sanity. It’s definitely a challenge, but one that I’m thoroughly enjoying. I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences as a Mommy of two.

In one short month, I have:

  • dealt with more temper tantrums from my daughter than I ever have in her life time. Although she adores her little brother, this has been a very difficult adjustment for her. I will definitely be writing about these challenges in the near future.
  • been in the hospital twice, once for the birth of my son and once for photo therapy treatment due to continued jaundice
  • figured out how to juggle life with two children
  • lost 27 pounds (still many more to go!)
  • figured out how to change a boy’s diaper without being peed on
  • Becoming a Mommy to two children has been a huge transition in some ways and in other ways, I feel like it hardly changed my life at all. I am loving having two children to love and care for and although we are busier now than we were before, life is fun and always full of surprises.

    Before my son was born, I didn’t understand how it was possible to find a place in my heart for even more love. As soon as he was born, I just got it. My heart grew larger the moment I saw him and now I understand just how easy it is to love two children just the same.

    You can read more Multi-Tasking Mommy at Circle of Life.

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