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Bringing up baby…a decade later

I am definitely older and, it seems, wiser with our new baby than I was 10 years ago when our older boys were babies.

The first time around I stuck with one brand of diapers and refused to sway, despite the fact that my oldest son had frequent diaper rash. I did try using different diaper ointments but for some reason it never occurred to me that the diapers I was using might have been irritating my son’s skin.

With our current baby, I quickly came to the conclusion that he does best with Pampers Swaddlers. I have stuck with them but have found a way to balance things out and save a little money. When we’re out and at night, I always use the Pampers. At home, during the day, it’s easier to change his diaper frequently, so I use a less expensive off-brand or store brand.

Another tip I’ve come up with is how to warm bottles with liners. They are not supposed to be warmed in a bottle warmer. What to do with my handy bottle warmer then, when I discover that baby’s bottle of choice is Playtex Drop-ins?

Simple! I just use a regular plastic bottle (BPA-free, of course!) for warming baby’s formula, then pour the contents into a Playtex Drop-ins bottle. It’s a little more work but it works for us!

The convenient aspect of bottles with liners is that a bottle instantly becomes clean when you replace the liner (and rinse out the nipple). If I’m going out for several hours, I bring one bottle with extra liners.

I have discovered that the formula my son is drinking comes in handy 8 oz. cans-perfect when we’re on the go! (Of course, I wish I were able to breastfeed, and although I remember it taking its toll on me when my older boys were babies, it was convenient to always have my own milk ready and available at a moment’s notice).

Overall, I can say that it is very interesting going back for this ‘second round’ (well, technically, third round) of mothering a baby. It has given me the chance-a second chance- to do some things differently from when my older boys were little. It has, at times been stressful, but I need to just remind myself that this is it: one last time to watch a baby’s growth and development. Seeing his first smile was amazing, and now he’s starting to laugh. I’m looking forward to many more ‘firsts’ as he continues to grow so quickly.

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