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Click here to visit Dr. Jack Newman's websiteWhen I had my first child, I needed quite a bit of breastfeeding support in order to gain enough confidence to breastfeed properly. I had a public health nurse come visit, I went to numerous breastfeeding clinics, I read and I went to breastfeeding workshops.

The one person who really helped me through was Dr. Jack Newman. He is known by many as the breastfeeding “guru” and in my books, he truly is amazing.

Whenever I had a personal question, I emailed him and he returned my email usually within 24 hours or less. His website is an excellent resource for breastfeeding mothers.

With my second child, I required less support in getting breastfeeding to be successful (although we still do have our challenges), but the one thing that saved my life (or at least it feels that way) was Dr. Newman’s recipe for All Purpose Nipple Ointment. This ointment is like a miracle cream. Seriously! I found this ointment has also helped some other skin issues that I have had since giving birth (at my doctor’s suggestion) and I have learned just how “all purpose” this ointment truly is!

Dr. Newman’s website is a valuable resource for breastfeeding Moms. He includes many helpful handouts on every topic under the sun when it comes to breastfeeding. He also have some videos that are very helpful, especially for first time Moms.

Jack Newman runs a breastfeeding clinic that used to be government funded, but since 2005 has lost that funding altogether. In order to continue running his amazing clinic and his VERY valuable website and services, he requires donations.

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