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Breakfast, Naptime, Playtime, Bath: A Poem

Many people often ask creative writers where we get our ideas. This poem was inspired by a variety of posts I read here at Babies Online, especially those that discussed bedtime routines and setting a schedule.

Then, my niece had an assignment in her college writing class to write a particular form of poem, a villanelle. I thought it would be fun to try!

In this form, the first and last line of the first stanza repeat. I gave it a twist, changing the second refrain in order to represent the rapidly passing time with a baby! Enjoy!Breakfast, Naptime, Playtime, Bath: A Poem

    Breakfast, naptime, playtime, bath

    Then off to bed with a lullaby

    These newborn days go by so fast.

    Our day is planned, a common path

    Treasure each moment in my mind

    Breakfast, naptime, playtime, bath

    I try to make each second last

    As gurgles and goos turn into “bye-bye”

    These infant days go by so fast.

    Others warned it would pass in a flash

    And daily routines make the minutes fly…

    Breakfast, naptime, playtime, bath

    Then bedtime stories and your cute little laugh

    Someday I’ll miss the cuddles and cries

    These toddler days go by so fast

    Then one day, no lullabies,

    No more stories, nor cuddles and cries…

    No breakfast, naptime, playtime, bath–

    Childhood goes by so fast.

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