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Baby’s First Haircut

I finally got enough courage to get a “real” haircut for my son. I admit, I was having a difficult time letting go of those precious baby curls! We got him a haircut a few months ago, but I refused to let the barber cut off the curls in the back of my son’s head. My husband said he looked like he had an 80’s style mullet!

Over the weekend, I took a look at him and realized that he looked a mess! His curls were long and unruly and his hair was hanging in his face. It was time for a proper haircut.

I know that some cultures have traditions about hair cutting. My friend’s husband shaved their daughter’s head when she was a certain age for “good luck and good health”. Another friend’s husband insisted that they wait until their son was a year old for his first haircut. Even though he still didn’t have much hair, they dutifully took their child to the barber to continue the family tradition.

My husband took our son to his barber and asked for the same haircut that he has. I had no clue that barbers don’t just trim the hair! This barber had a suction machine which sucked up the hair as he trimmed it. Luckily, I’d cut off a few precious curls before taking him to the barber.

The barber let him sit in my husband’s lap which seemed to help and we let my son hold onto his security blanket. Nevertheless, there were a few tears–both my son and I shed a few.

After his haircut was done, the barber gave him a certificate and a lollipop! What a lucky little kid!

My son’s curls are gone and I’m adjusting to the fact that he’s growing up! It seemed like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital with very little hair on his head. Now, the barber is trimming his hair to look like his father’s haircut.

I’ve learned that it is important to do some homework before taking your child for his or her first hair cut. Does the shop take walk-in clientele? Must you make an appointment? What times of the day are less crowded?

Some shops just cut children’s hair, and others have clientele of all ages. Which would you prefer? Another thing to ask is if they have certificates or other keepsakes for the first haircut. After you pick out the shop you want, ask for a kid friendly stylist. You want someone who won’t be rattled when or if your child has a tantrum!

The first haircut is a milestone to be cherished. Enjoy!

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