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Aww, What a Pretty Little Girl!

awwprettygirl.jpgThank you. Moms just love to get compliments about their children, don’t they?

Except that he’s a boy.

My son, almost two, is usually to be found wearing a dark blue shirt with a firetruck on the front, grey (or similar color) sweatpants, dark blue boots, and will be clutching one or more of the following: plastic snake, plastic beetle, real beetle, plastic alien, plastic pirate, stick, pebble, truck of some kind.

But he has long blond curly hair, and long blond curly hair seems to surpass all the other “boy” things about him. It’s not even that long, just below his collar. It’s never been cut, so it’s the hair he was born with. I can’t bear to cut it.

What’s wrong with long hair on boys? Plenty of adult male people have long hair, and no-one thinks they are girls, do they?

I’m not the only one, although I seem to be in a minority, especially in the Midwest. Perhaps I should move to Hollywood?

Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Roberts’ sons have, or have had, long hair at one time.

Kate Hudson is quite well known for her 4-year-old son Ryder’s long hair, although she cites “religious reasons” for not cutting it.

I’m just too much of a wimp and I’ll cry if I have to chop off his baby hair.

The current plan is to get it cut if it looks like it will get caught on things, or when he asks for a haircut.

So what are your feelings on long hair for boys? Awful, or cool, or just don’t care?

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