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Are Duo Strollers A Necessity?

During this Labour Day weekend, while we spend time hoping labour doesn’t start early (aside: we’ve had Braxton hicks and tons of baby movement, which when combined with a very large baby make a normally nervous pregnant woman even more concerned about premature labour), I assembled our new stroller: the Fisher-Price Stand & Ride Duo Stroller.

We had hoped that our infant carseat would fit in such a way that the sitting option would be available to our daughter, but that is prohibited by the design. For the first part of our new baby’s life, she will stand or walk beside.

Interestingly, we arguably don’t even need the new stroller, because our daughter hasn’t used our existing stroller since the spring. In that time, we have done several trips to the zoo, where it was my wife who needed to take breaks, not our three year old. However, since we jumped on this stroller when it was on clearance back in February (it was discontinued, and was the one my wife liked the most when we investigated stand/sit and ride options), we could not return it. So, I put it together and figured it would offer my wife an option to keep a closer tab on my daughter when she’s having a snack or something. But really, we don’t need it.

For those of you with more than one child, did you purchase a new duo stroller? What was the age difference between the two kids? How much use have you gotten from the duo?

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