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Are Baby Gyms Really Necessary?

I just tried a free class for a baby gym with my 10 month old. I was really skeptical as to whether this is really necessary. I mean, who’s ever heard of baby gyms before this generation of kids? You got them together with their cousins, or your neighbors’ kids, or your friends’ kids. That was that. No one had to pay $50+ for a monthly gym membership for their baby.

Well I guess times are changing. There were 7 other babies at the class we tried. Moms have more dispensable income these days, and they want options. There are also lots of moms who find themselves without friends or relatives with kids the same age. Hence the popularity of gyms, where your child can strengthen their muscles as well as socialize.

Case in point, me. I for one aren’t really on more than a hi-hello basis with my neighbors. And come to think of it, none of them have little kids my daughter’s age. I have two brothers who aren’t going to be having children any time soon. All my cousins are 16 and younger, and I have a couple-friend who is planning to have a baby but aren’t quite there yet. The rest of them are enjoying the single life. People seem to be postponing having kids later and later these days.

So the entrepreneurial soul who thought of the baby gym concept, more power to you. Moms are definitely thanking you for filling a need they didn’t think they had.

As for my daughter and me, we’re going to stick to free playgroups.

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