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A Day in the Life of a SAHM: Saving on Groceries

asahmgroceries.jpgAbout a month ago I was reading one of my many monthly magazines I subscribe to and I came across an article about saving on groceries. So, of course, this piqued my interest since I’m always up for saving money!

The article talked about a website started by a single mom of two. She tracked categorical sales of supermarkets and drug stores and paired coupons, mostly from the Sunday paper, with the best sales.

Teri Clark, the mom who started, has a different method of shopping than most. She creates a list that is color-coded. Black items are to be bought only if needed, blue items are stockpiling items, and green items are free! She states that you won’t see all of the true savings until you’ve shopped using her lists for 12 weeks because that is when you start to see the real payoff of stockpiling.

Since I have always budgeted for groceries I was curious to see how much this could save our family. So I did a trial 4 week subscription for just $1.00. And now I have continued my subscription, which costs $10 for eight weeks. I’ve found that it’s well worth it after you see how much you save!

At this point I have been shopping with Teri’s List for five weeks and I am already seeing great savings. I have spent $437.89 on groceries and saved a total of $220.71 between store savings/sales and coupons. This averages to just under $90 a week in groceries for our family of four. This is not drastically lower than what I was spending before (I was spending maybe $20 more a week), but I am purchasing more food for less money due to Teri’s stockpiling idea.

If you want to start budgeting better on groceries or already do but want to save more, then I would definitely suggest checking out You’ve got nothing to lose and lots of money to save!

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