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5 Uses for Outgrown Baby Clothes

Anyone with a baby knows that they grow faster than you ever imagined. At first, you might not believe how big certain clothes are on your little one, but before you know it they’ll be too tight to wear.

But don’t toss out those too small onesies, dresses and shirts quite yet — there are some ways to breathe new life into them and get some use out of them again. Consider these suggestions to re-use or re purpose those too-small clothes, and do good for the environment (and others!) at the same time.

  • Make T-Shirts
    For onesies that are just too short to fit your baby, cut off the snaps on the bottom and dress baby in them as t-shirts.
    Baby girl dresses can make cute tops – pair them with jeans or even a skirt for a cute, casual look.
  • Use Them as Smocks
    Onesies work really well as cover-ups to catch any spills when your baby starts eating solid foods – just cut off the snaps at the bottom to make into a t-shirt, then pull over baby’s head and use as a smock that he or she can’t easily remove.
  • Decorate with Them
    Clean and non stained onesies or baby t-shirts can make cute decorations for baby’s room – hang them up on a clothes line along the wall and secure with clothes pins.
  • Craft with Them
    If you’re crafty, you can make a memory quilt with scraps of old baby clothes. Just take the fabrics and cut them into same-sized squares, then sew them together to make a blanket, or finish it off to make a quilt. You can also find companies and individuals who will make a quilt out of the fabrics for you – ask crafty friends or family, or search online.

If your baby’s clothes are still in good condition but you won’t use them again, consider donating them to friends, family, or charity groups. Your local church or the Salvation Army will happily receive them – and you will receive a tax receipt for the donation.

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