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16-Month-Old Baby Eats as Much As a Adult Woman

16-Month-Old Baby Eats as Much As a Adult WomanCan you imagine your baby eating as much as you do? A Dietitian has recommended a 2000 calorie a day diet for baby girl Agatha Holloway. She was born 11 weeks prematurely and has been prescribed the high-calorie diet to help her to catch up to a normal weight.

Agatha almost died shortly after she was born. The 3 pound 11 oz newborn suffered a brain hemorrhage, lung disease, and severe reflux. She stayed in the hospital for almost four months before being allowed home with her parents who live in Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Now she’s 16 months old and weighs only 17 pounds.  The average toddler her age weighs around 25 pounds, so her doctors have told her parents she needs to eat twice as much as other babies her age. She’s eating cartons of cream, roast duck, veggies with olive oil, chocolate and special high calorie milk.

Sounds yummy. Apparently, the diet is all healthy, but calorific food, and she shouldn’t suffer any ill effects from it. And as she catches up to her recommended weight, her parents will gradually reduce the amount she eats to a more normal diet.

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