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Married couple finds out they are twins

A married British couple recently found out they were twins separated at birth. When they found out the heart wrenching news, a court immediately annulled their marriage, but it hasn?t been reported yet how long the couple was married or involved. This discovery brings up issues surrounding the rights of adopted children and children conceived […]

Baby Sign Language

Our babies are incredible, and they learn so much so fast. Wouldn?t it be nice to be able to hear their thoughts, even before they can talk? Signing with your baby is one way to get a little insight into their wants and needs.

Some parents make up their own special language. While you can certainly do this, it might be difficult to remember what signs you?ve created, and you also have to come up with new ones all the time. Most parents find it easier to use American Sign Language (or the sign language from whatever country you live in).

Spend the Day at the Movies, With Your Baby

It’s difficult to find time for yourself, much less for you and your partner, once you have a baby. One fun activity you can do with a young baby is go to the movies. Little ones tend to sleep through a lot of the show. If she gets fussy, cuddle her, nurse her, give her […]

Co-sleeping: Is it for you?

When I was pregnant, I heard you should never sleep with your baby. You might roll on her, she might get wedged between the wall and the mattress, she might suffocate, or die from SIDS. So I did my homework. Attachment Parenting International offers some guidelines for safe co-sleeping. Around the world, co-sleeping is the […]

Miraculous survival: 2 year old okay after a screwdriver goes into her skull

A two-year-old girl was being supervised during church, and found a screwdriver. I can?t tell you how many times my daughter has held a screwdriver, or even walked with one. She likes to ?help? me fix things, or go around the house ?fixing? things she finds. This little girl did what two-year-olds do. She started […]

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