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Thoughts On Two

In less than three weeks, I will be a parent of two. The days where I can think to myself my wife is taking care of the kid; therefore I can read/sleep/watch tv/browse the internet/whatever will soon be gone. The number of people under three feet in height, who cannot operate the stove or bathe […]

Politics and Parenting

For those readers who are relatively new to my posts at Babies Online (and probably think I have a severe spelling problem for my excessive usage of the letter “u” in words such as labour or humour), I am a Canadian. And while our country does not tend to receive as much international attention as […]

Absent Father Means Earlier Puberty In Girls

A PhD candidate at New Zealand’s Canterbury University has found that girls whose fathers are absent tend to enter puberty earlier than their counterparts whose fathers are part of the family unit. The study looked at pairs of sisters separated in age by at least two years, neither of whom had experienced their first period […]

Are Duo Strollers A Necessity?

During this Labour Day weekend, while we spend time hoping labour doesn’t start early (aside: we’ve had Braxton hicks and tons of baby movement, which when combined with a very large baby make a normally nervous pregnant woman even more concerned about premature labour), I assembled our new stroller: the Fisher-Price Stand & Ride Duo […]

Baby’s First Words

For many English-speaking children, the words “mama” and “dada” are two of the first words they learn to say consistently. Traditional logic dictates that the reason for this is because a baby is drawn to their parents, and (in most cases) their parents are the predominant people in their young lives. However, scientists believe they […]

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