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Adopting? Tax Credit Increases for 2008 and Beyond

Good news! If you’re an adopting parent (as my wife and I will be, hopefully in 2009…), you know the high cost associated with the adoption process. Well, if you adopted this past year, you might actually enjoy your taxes this time around!For parents who completed the adoption process in 2007, you may be eligible […]

Why I Never Dated a Dental Hygenist

You may fear environmental disasters, terrorist strikes, maybe even the Reaper. Me? I fear the dentist. I have this unique condition where my lower jaw is impossible to completely numb. So all throughout my childhood ? any cavity I got felt like someone was jack-hammering my molars with unmitigated malice. Growing up, I just figured […]

Best Cities to Have A Baby

Somewhat ironically, the place with the most microbreweries and, ahem, “gentleman’s clubs” per capita also happens to be the best place to have your baby, according to a recent survey from FitPregnancy Magazine.Portland, Oregon was named tops in the nation for places to have a baby. Following Portland were Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver. […]

Wombs For Rent?

A growing phenomena, largely related to the dearth of adequate and affordable health care in the United States, is what has often been called “medical tourism”. People fly to India, Mexico, Thailand, etc. for all sorts of medical (and often cosmetic) issues including bypass surgeries, knee and hip replacements, dental work, eye surgery, you name […]

New Gaming Systems as Childhood Exercise?

I recently overheard a department store employee tempting a mother to purchase one gaming system over another largely because the “extra activity of this system will burn off more energy.” Mom seemed intrigued. Looking down the aisle, I noticed her son was a couple Oreo’s short of “husky” size. So I give the salesman credit […]

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