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Bedbugs Alert!

Watch out! When night falls, they attack! These nocturnal, blood-sucking insects feed on humans at night when everyone is asleep. They live in mattresses, furniture, pillows, electrical appliances and every dark crevice you can imagine. They have invaded countless homes, hotels, apartments and just about any place where people lay to sleep. Bedbugs are reddish-brown, […]

More Benefits of Mediterranean Diet: Less Asthma?

The Mediterranean diet is loaded with lots of vegetables, fruits, fish and healthy oils such as those found in fish, olives and nuts. This type of dietary pattern is predominantly the eating lifestyle of Greeks and Italians. Do note that there is little amount of red meat in their diet. Health-wise, in a study conducted […]

Stressed moms linked with children’s asthma

Genetics and the environment play an important role in acquiring asthma. But did you know that apart from smoking, stress levels especially for women who are expecting increases their children?s risk of asthma? Not only that, mothers who are experiencing bouts of depression or anxiety heightens the possibility of children developing asthma later in life.
According to a study conducted by[…]

Splinter tips and tricks

I remember my son wincing in pain when he showed me his left palm. There was a sliver of wood lodged beneath the skin. It?s a splinter. The end of the sliver is slightly protruding. The traditional solution I know is to dig the splinter out using a needle and a tweezer. I sterilized the […]

Assessing severe illnesses in infants

In Hong Kong, medical experts have come up with seven signs in identifying severe illnesses in newborn babies. If the baby displays any of these signs, it?s best to seek medical attention to prevent further complications. These assessments were compared against decisions made by pediatricians.

The seven clinical signs are[…]

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