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Food for thought…part 5

In this final installment of the Food for Thought series, we’re taking a closer look at produce. The health benefits of fresh produce are widely publicized … from being low-calorie snacks to sources of helpful antioxidants. But as you navigate your way through the produce aisle, do you know what?s lurking behind those fresh leaves […]

Food for thought part 4…

What’s in Your Food? A Closer Look at Dried Fruits & Nuts As many parents are opting for healthier meals and treats, it means making a bee-line for the produce aisle or for the sundries like raisins, figs and, when allergies aren?t at issue, nuts. They?re fresh (or dried). They?re all-natural. They allow you to […]

TSA Provides Relief for Families

Anyone who has traveled by air since 9-11, knows about the increased security measures before entering the boarding area for flight travel. Going through the security lanes can be difficult, even for the seasoned traveler, traveling alone. From needing to place all toiletries and cosmetics in sizes no greater than 3 ounces. in carry-ons in […]

Food for thought…

What’s in your food? A primer on artificial food colorings. In part one of this series, the issue of studies relating artificial food colorings and artificial additives presenting a link to childhood hyperactivity was explored. In this part, we look at artificial food coloring. The list of artificial food coloring studied included tetrazine (FD&C yellow […]

Artificial Food Additives & Colorings Linked to Hyperactivity

Since the 1970s food additives have been under the radar of toxicologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and environmental/public health watchdog groups. In the last decade however, with what seems to be a growing set of diagnoses of hyperactivity and other childhood behavioral and diet-related disorders, interest in food additives has increased. So has the research. Among the […]

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