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The College Fund Stimulus Package

In America, President Bush and the Congress have decided to boost the economy with a tax rebate to all tax-paying Americans. While the details of the “economic stimulus package” aren’t finalized yet, the current amounts bandied in range from $600 per individual, $1200 for a two-parent household, and an additional $600 for each child. This […]

The Holidays Are Contagious

During the holidays, it’s normal to feel some amount of nausea. It can stem from anxiety, stress, or actually eating some fruitcake. However, with children in the house, there’s always another possible cause. A virus! That’s been the experience this year in the Hughes household. The first one to come down with a particularly nasty […]

Twice Is Nice For First Births

At the start of ever year, a story that fascinates a lot of people is “Who was the first baby born?”, whether it be the first birth at the local hospital, in the state or in the nation. Having this stroke of luck (and let’s face it, natural childbirth is about as easily subjected to split-second timing as ‘When is your mother going home, dear?’) at least leads to your picture in the local paper, if not…

Eight Year Old Boy Sued Due To Ski Slope Mishap

Eight Year Old Boy Sued Due To Ski Slope Mishap As parents, we work and slave and worry about our children. We spend quite a bit of time filled with concern that our choice of daycare facilities might one day keep them out of the best colleges, and mean the difference between our precious one […]

Presents Aren’t As Much Fun If They Find Them In November

Your child’s first Christmas is always special. And easy. At least, it’s easier than the rest. Let me explain. That first Christmas (and usually the second, depending on when they’re born), your young human is easy to please; they will be happy with anything that can at least partially fit in their mouth to accept […]

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