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Helpful And Personal Tips for Using Your New Digital Camera

I have had my digital camera for almost a year and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I take it everywhere with me-outside to play, to the store, to grandpa and grandma’s, running errands-I mean everywhere. After using this camera for about a year, I do have some tips for the digital camera-totting […]

Are you a mom on the go that needs a good digital camera?

Then don?t go anywhere. I am going to give you some choices of point and click cameras, including the one I use (and I am loving it). First, let?s start with the Nikon Coolpix 5400. This point and click camera is reasonably price, starting at $165. It has 5.1 megapixels with a 4x optical zoom. Overall, users who reviewed this camera were happy with their results. One thing several did suggest was that the[…]

Milk and Cookies: Coffee House Style

Do you want to feel like you are in a coffee shop? Do you have some little kids at home that make it impossible? Here are 2 easy recipes for coffee house-style milk and fantastic Chocolate Chip Cookies. COFFEE HOUSE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 2 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. baking powder […]

Parenting At Its Best

Children change everything. You heard that before you had children and know it first hand now that you have children. You want your kids to be prepared for life. You want them to be successful. So your priorities have to change once they come into the world. But there are some parenting priorities that never […]

Eating Healthy Is Not As Easy As You Think

I want the best for my kids. That includes what I put in front of them to eat. But every time I go to the grocery store, it amazes me how little good food I can get with so much of my hard earned money. My oldest son is 5 years old. Way back then, […]

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