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Catty News Reports: Spice Girl Mommies

Geri Halliwell, once of the Spice Girls, threw a birthday party for her daughter, Bluebell this week. The tabloids in her native UK were predictably hiding in the bushes outside her home to see if any of the other Spice Girls were invited – Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, Baby Spice and Sporty Spice – […]

13-Year-Old Minnesota Cancer Boy On The Run With Mom

The arduous story of the 13-year-old boy suffering from Hodkin’s Lymphoma is causing controversy from the Midwest to the west coast. Daniel Hauser, from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January. He underwent the first of six planned rounds of chemotherapy the same month. Then, he refused any more treatment, apparently with […]

The Unsung Milestones…Stop Worrying Baby Isn’t Walking Yet

It is so, so, so exciting to see your baby take her first steps. The expression of amazement, concentration, and joy on her face, the adorable, wobbly, tentative steps, the priceless moment when they realize that nothing is holding them up. Cue startled expression, loss of balance, and ker-plop onto the floor. Having spent the […]

Is Co-Sleeping Dangerous?

In the last 10 weeks, four babies have died co-sleeping with their parents or grandparents in Milwaukee, and currently police are investigating a fifth death,  of a two-month-old baby boy who died in his mother’s bed on Sunday. I started reading the news report wondering what could cause so many tragic deaths in such a […]

Unusual Places to Give Birth

While a first-time labor and delivery usually lasts around many hours, sometimes, babies just decide that they are coming out. Now. Babies are occasionally born on airplanes, on the subway, on the front lawn, and more often than you would think in a car on the way to hospital. A mom in Cambridge, in the […]

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