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Tips for flying with a baby

As a general rule, I don’t like to travel, so I haven’t been through an airport in several years. And while I have flown with an infant before, this was different. When I flew with my son, he was only three months old, and he slept the whole way in this cool little bassinet they […]

When’s that baby gonna’ walk?!

Well, my baby girl is now 13 months old. She cruises around the furniture without a second thought. She pushes chairs around the dining room making “vroom” sounds like a little boy. She has even stood up for several seconds 0n a couple of occasions before she realized she wasn’t holding anything. But she will […]

Economy DOWN = Abortions, vasectomies UP

Though it’s too early to produce long-term research, anecdotal evidence is linking the struggling economy with more abortions and vasectomies. Why? People simply can’t afford more kids right now. Former president of the American Urological Association and practicing urologist Lawrence Ross said the number of men seeking vasectomies had remained consistent over the years–about 500,000 […]

Mother harvests dead son’s sperm–hopes to find surrogate mother

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare: losing a child. On April 5, that’s what happened to Missy Evans when her son, Nikolas, died. He had been hit in a street fight about a week earlier in a town near Dallas, Texas.. But the punch knocked him to the ground, and Nikolas, 21, hit his head. Thus […]

Easter Story Cookies

If you like to celebrate the religious significance of Easter, try making Easter story cookies! A friend of mine gave me this recipe years ago to share with my now-12 year old son. More of a meringue than a cookie, this recipe is a fun and clever way to tell the Easter story with preschoolers. […]

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