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December 19, 2014
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December 17, 2014

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How to stop a baby from crying by Katy Perry Dark Horse

August 5, 2014

Next time I’m feeling grumpy I may try this…

Four Tips for the “Fourth Trimester”

June 27, 2014

Four Tips for the Fourth TrimesterWe know about the first trimester and, of course, the second trimester; can’t forget about the all-too-long third trimester. Did you know there is also a fourth? Yup, the fourth trimester is the concept that for the first three months, you and your newborn are just getting used to life outside the womb. When we think about it, our babies really didn’t experience hunger or the new and the strange; they were put gently to sleep by us in the dark womb and constantly nourished through their physical connection with us. With that in mind, it seems pretty difficult for them to just adjust to life ‘Earth-side’, doesn’t it?

It might seem daunting at first, but as a new parent, chances are you already want to spend your whole day staring lovingly at your newborn!  This is the best way for you and baby to get through the Fourth Trimester happily and hopefully a little less sleep deprived. As parents in the early stages of babyhood, it can be incredibly hard to let go of some of the “advice” we are given. What exactly can we expect to be doing in the “Fourth Trimester”?

  1. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs – Don’t worry about the “myth” of spoiling your newborn. Be sure to shower your new bundle with lots of love and kisses. Before being in your arms they were able to be close to you whenever they wanted. Whether its mommy’s or daddy’s warmth, the easiest way to soothe a newborn is with skin-to-skin contact.
  2. Take care of yourself – It can be so hard for a new mom to remember to take care of herself. But when we catch a few minutes to grab a shower, or even when someone makes dinner for us, we should definitely take advantage of these opportunities for all-important recharge and refresh time.
  3. Don’t get too caught up in routine – Lots of families really prefer routine, and so do lots of babies. But for the first few months it’s just better to drop it, this need for routine, that is. Instead of focusing on what you should be doing, stay in the moment and cherish what you are doing (even if it’s cleaning spit-up off a new shirt).
  4. Enlist the family – Whether you’ve had a vaginal or C-section birth, you might be hurting a little, so gather siblings, friends, or grandparents to help you out when you need some extra TLC.

The “Fourth Trimester” can be a difficult time as baby and family learn what works for them and as mom heals and gets into a post-partum rhythm. It should be filled with patience and of course lots of love and adoration for your new bundle. Remember that New Mom should be taking care of herself in any way she knows how, but also keep in mind your newborn needs a lot of care the first few months of development, and that is completely normal (and even encouraged). Don’t get too caught up in routines, and allow yourself some you-time whenever possible by asking for help when you need it. Raising a baby can be hard, but we all know how rewarding it really is. With a few of these tips you can take the Fourth Trimester head on and enjoy every minute with the newest member of your family.

Conquering the 3 Woes of the Terrible Twos

June 25, 2014

Conquering the 3 Woes of the Terrible TwosWhether you’re a new mom or a mom for the second or third time, when those notorious terrible twos creep around the corner, it can bring along a case of the mommy-blues. You may not know what to expect even after reading all the parenting books and taking all the wonderful advice your mother can offer. Each toddler is different. For the first year or so of your child’s life, you have coddled and groomed that baby. Now your little bundle of joy has transformed into a little bundle of personality! Here are a few tips and advice on conquering the 3 woes of the Terrible Twos:

1 – Potty Training

Potty training is that hurdle that every parent and toddler must jump. In the beginning, your enthusiasm and excitement for the new milestone your child is preparing to achieve will be at an all time high. You purchase videos and books and a cute little potty seat for your toddler and you’re all set. Each child is different and each mother’s potty training experience varies.

Advice: The best time to potty train your toddler is when they show signs of controlling their bowels and bladder, i.e. after staying dry throughout the night. Make sure your toddler is emotionally ready to potty train. Avoid training during uncooperative stages and encourage your child with positive reinforcement. Most importantly, know that you and your child will eventually get to the finish line. It can become discouraging at times, especially when your child has frequent accidents and other kids of similar age are fully trained. Eventually, you will clear this hurdle.

2 – Tantrums

We’ve all been the onlooker at some point watching as a blushing mother in the grocery store struggles to assert her control over the screaming, rolling, and kicking toddler. And now…you’re that mom! Tantrums can come unexpectedly and it’s easy to give into the desire to avoid drawing more attention to yourself by raising your voice and putting on the disciplinarian face.

Advice: The best way to handle tantrums is to ignore the onlookers. Don’t be concerned with how you look in front of people by putting on the meek, librarian voice and “asking” your child to behave accordingly. Your toddler won’t respect you this way and may walk over you in public places. Be as stern and serious as you would be at home so that your toddler knows that mommy means business. One way to eliminate tantrums is to keep your word. If little Billy knows that mommy never buys him any candy at the check-out when he misbehaves, then he will take heed of the consequences of his behavior. Never give your child what they want when they are screaming for it. You want to show your child that tantrums are not rewarded; good behavior is rewarded.

3 – Testing Boundaries

Toddlers love to test the boundaries while in the Terrible Twos. With new-found mobility, toddlers are full of adventure and the desire to explore. That curiosity is what makes them want to touch when mommy says, “Don’t touch!”

Advice: Unfortunately, toddlers sometimes learn from experience rather than instruction, though we prefer it the other way around. After a few bruises and scratches, they will learn to listen to mommy’s warnings and instructions to avoid dangerous places and activities.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful in your journey through the Terrible Twos. You will experience some of the woes of the Terrible Twos, but most importantly, you will find that the Terrible Twos aren’t so terrible. Enjoy the journey and cherish each moment with your tiny toddler because they are growing quickly.

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